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Forest Management Plan

forestmgmtplanForest Management plans are mandatory for Year 5 to Year 10 at year 4 stage for:

(i) Plantations which are 10 hectares or greater, and
(ii) Broadleaf plantations which are 5 hectares or greater.

There is a once off grant payment of €300 to assist in fees towards the forest management plan.

The Forest Management Plan will provide details on the future management of the forest such as a stocking rate, nutrient assessment, average height and yield class, planting year, and the projected years for first thinning(s) and clearfell for each plot. The plan must be prepared by a forester registered with the Department following a field assessment to record and update data relating to species, areas, plot boundaries and any associated changes, on a certified species map. They must adhere to the principles of sustainable forest management.

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