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Happy Christmas From All at Western Forestry Co-op

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Happy Christmas From All at Western Forestry Co-op



Like last year, Western Forestry Co-op are not sending out cards at Christmas. But have chosen to make a donation of a “Tree Plantation” instead. We would like to wish all our customers, suppliers, and contractors a very Happy Christmas and New Year

Western Forestry Co-op host delegates from SECURE Smarter Energy Communities Project

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Western Forestry co-op were delighted to host delegates from the SECURE or Smarter Energy Communities in Northern & Arctic Regions Project supported by the Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme to a broadleaf forest that Western Forestry Co-op established for Brian and Kenny McCauley of McCauley Wood Fuels. The land that they afforested was an area that was marginal for farming and as the McCauleys have a fuel business Brian decided to plant hardwood trees with the aim of using the thinnings for their own firewood business.  Western Forestry Co-op and McCauley Wood Fuels are stakeholders in the project for regional partner Leitrim County Council.

Marina Conway, CEO Western Forestry Co-op along with Brian and Kenny McCauley outlining establishment and management practices on their hardwood forest in Mohill, Co Leitrim.


Western Forestry Co-op Christmas Competition!

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Western Forestry Co-op have launched a Christmas Competition on our Facebook page!


Please click here to enter

Keep warm this winter with a tonne bag of firewood (1st prize) or a tasty Irish produce hamper (2nd prize).
To enter simply Like and Share our Facebook post to be in with a chance to win.

Winner will be drawn on Monday 18th December.

Good Luck!



‘Complementary activity’: Farmers encouraged to consider forestry

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Article by Sylvester Phelan at Agriland.ie. Full story HERE.


The start of the 2017-18 forestry planting season and afforestation programme was launched by the Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Andrew Doyle, during a visit to a tree nursery in Co. Wicklow yesterday.

Since 1990, the forestry programme has invested over €2.5 billion in rural Ireland, resulting in over 300,000ha being planted with trees.

Commenting on the forestry programme, the minister of state said: “Forestry plays a huge economic, environmental, social and recreational role in Ireland and I am delighted that we are continuing our support for new forests again this year

“Applications are now invited under the scheme – under which 100% of the costs of establishment are covered by the department and 15 guaranteed annual premium payments are also available.

“Over 13,000 Irish farmers received a forestry payment in 2016, while departmental records indicate that the most popular planting option attracts an annual guaranteed premium of €510/ha,” Minister Doyle added.

The minister also drew attention to the range of options available to interested landowners, stating: “There are 12 planting categories under the Afforestation Scheme to suit all scenarios and preferences including native None so Hardy Forestry with Minister Andrew Doylewoodland establishment, forestry for fibre, which has a short 15-year rotation, and agro forestry – where agriculture and forestry can co-exist on the same land.

“The Afforestation Scheme (incorporating Native Woodland Establishment, Agro-Forestry and Forestry for Fibre), the Forest Roads Scheme, the Woodland Improvement (Thinning and Tending) Scheme, the Seed Stand and Seed Orchard Scheme, and the NeighbourWood Scheme are all currently open and I will shortly be launching the Native Woodland Conservation Scheme.”

The minister encouraged landowners to seriously consider forestry, saying: “Forestry does not have to be an alternative to agriculture, instead forestry should be seen as a complementary activity which is very much part of the farming mix.

"Under current rules, forestry is compatible with the Basic Payment Scheme and, under certain conditions, is also compatible with GLAS."

Concluding, Minister Doyle said: “My department and Teagasc are keen to work with and support any interested landowners and I would encourage them to contact us or your local forestry company for a discussion on how to take the next step.”

Is all of your land working for you?

Western Forestry Co-op was set up to provide a backup service for farmers either in or considering forestry. We provide information and advice for landowners on the best options to suit them, not the company.

The Co-op ethos of honesty and openness is our foundation.

For FREE consultation, please contact 071-9161458 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Forest Barriers for sale

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Forest Barrier 1

Western Forestry Co-op can provide and install manufactured Forest Barriers to protect your woodland. Please contact our head office 071-9161458 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Forest Barrier 1
Forest Barrier 2
Forest Barrier 3
Forest Barrier 4
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Forest Fire Danger Rating 25/05/17

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Forest Fire Danger Rating
Condition Orange – High Fire Risk Be Prepared

Warning Effective From 1200hrs 25/05/2017
Effective Period Expires 1200hrs 02/06/2017

Arising from extended high pressure dominated weather and forecast high temperature patterns, and the effect of these on fine fuel flammability and initial spread levels, a High Fire Risk (Condition Orange) is deemed to exist in all areas where such fuels are present in proximity to forests and other assets. Pending significant rainfall, this risk condition will remain in place until 1200hrs on Friday, June 2, 2017 unless otherwise stated by the Forest Service of the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

IFW Show

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Minister Andrew Doyle TD presented with a Bunbury Board to celebrate 40 years of the Irish Timber Growers Association at their stand at the Irish Forestry, Woodland and Bioenergy Show 2017 with members of the ITGA Executive and Management Committee including Western Forestry Co-op CEO Marina Conway.

Red Forest Fire Danger Alert – Is your Forest Insured?

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Marina Conway, Western Forestry Co-op

The lovely dry hot weather, whilst very welcome, is a time for forest owners to be vigiliant with regard to fire risk and uncontrolled burning. A few dry days can dry out vegetation very quickly and the risk of forest fires increases dramatically. The main causes of forest fires over the past 5 years has been gorse and peatland burning, accidental fires and arson. Forest owners need to be very vigiliant and make sure their forest is insured as you are required by law to replant your forest if it is burnt and one of the largest costs will be the replanting costs.

The Forest Service Forest Fire Danger Rating is currently

RED – Extreme Fire Risk – Take Immediate Action be prepared!

Western Forestry Co-op (established in 1985) manages a group forest insurance scheme. The forest insurance scheme covers replanting costs up to a max of €3000/ha. For example if you planted 8 ha in 2007 and 6 ha of it burnt, the forest insurance covers the cost of replanting (up to €18,000), compensation for loss of growth on your 10 year old forest (approx €11,500 lump sum) and fire brigade charges are covered to a max of €15,000.

Our forest insurance scheme covers:

• Reconstitution (replanting costs)
• Loss of Value (timber revenue)
• Fire Brigade Charges
• Public Liability (optional)

For an insurance quote (quote this article to recieve a 5% discount) or more information on the Insurance Scheme, please call Sarah on 071-9161458.



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Fire Danger Notice 08 of 2017
Issue date: 02 APRIL 2017@1200hrs


A ‘Type A’ high pressure system associated with extreme fire risk potential is currently
located North-East of Scotland and is likely to induce moderate to fresh low-humidity airflows
over Ireland in coming days. These easterly airflows are forecast to coincide with relatively
high temperatures and periods of sunshine. Fine Fuel Moisture Code levels are currently
above 85 and may rise beyond this level further. This type of pattern has previously been
associated with extreme fire events under Irish conditions. Projected Initial Spread Index
values are also in the very high range, indicating a strong potential for rapid fire spread in
fine fuel types where ignitions take place in typical upland fuels. This risk condition is
currently forecast to peak between Thursday 04/02/2017 and Saturday 07/02/2017.

Pending further review, this risk condition will remain in place until 1200hrs on
Sunday, May 8, 2017 and will revert to Condition ORANGE at this point until further

Teagasc issues forest fire warning for Easter holiday

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Teagasc has issued a high fire risk (orange) warning for areas where fine fuels such as grass are present in proximity to forests over the coming Easter holiday.

The agricultural training and education body says that current extended high pressure-dominated weather and effective drought patterns have contributed to the risk.

This is the fifth forest fire warning of 2017.

The warning was introduced on Monday 10 April and is predicted to remain in place until 18 April.

Article from farmersjournal.ie Please read here for more info

Fire Danger Notice 05 of 2017

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Fire Danger Notice 05 of 2017

Issue date: 10 April 2017 @1200hrs


Forest Fire

Danger Rating

Condition Orange –High Fire Risk

Be Prepared


Warning Effective From 1200hrs 10/04/2017

Effective Period Expires 1200hrs 18/04/2017


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