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REPS Income Finished? Unsure about GLAS? – Earn up to €257/acre

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repsIf your REPS payment has finished why not consider additional forestry income. Western Forestry is a Co-op based in the North West that has been serving farmers for 30 years.

Landowners can receive their full Basic Farm Payment (BPS) and forestry premium on the same land.  Forest premiums range from €510/ha (€206/acre) for conifer rate to €635/ha (€257/acre) for native broadleaf woodland, all premiums are payable for 15yrs and are income tax free. This is especially beneficial for retired farmers, part time farmers, people exiting REPS or people who have inherited land, private landowners working full time who prior to 2015 would have been excluded from the high premium rate. As well as the high forest premium rate the forestry scheme also includes an establishment grant so it costs you nothing.

Time to see the Wood from the Trees

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Forestry Premium at its Highest Level

seewoodfromtreesOne of the great benefits of the new Forestry Programme is that everyone who plants land from January 2015 will receive the higher rate of income tax free forest premium, regardless of whether you are farming or not. The forest premiums range from €510/ha (or €206/acre) for the conifer rate to a maximum rate of €635/ha (or €257/acre) for planting native broadleaf woodland, all premiums are payable for 15yrs. This is especially beneficial for retired farmers, part time farmers, people exiting REPS or people who have inherited land who would have been excluded from qualifying for the high rate up until now.

Fire Season - Is Your Forest Insured?

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forestfireThe lovely dry hot weather of the past few days whilst very welcome is also a worry with regard to fire risk, I passed 2 large gorse fires on the way home last week. A few dry days can dry out vegetation very quickly and the risk of forest fires increases dramatically. The main causes of forest fires over the past 5 years has been gorse burning, peatland burning, accidental fires and unfortunately arson. Forest Owners need to be very vigilant and should also make sure their forest is insured as they are required by law to replant their forest if it is burnt and one of the largest costs will be the replanting costs.

Western Forestry Co-op Field Day to Enniscoe House

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enniscoe house 3Western Forestry Co-op hosted a joint field day with the Irish Timber Growers Association (ITGA) at the beautiful Enniscoe Estate on ‘Managing woodlands with environmental conservation, amenity & recreational objectives’ on Friday 10th October.  In excess of 60+ people turned up for the day and the weather was glorious. The Enniscoe Estate has been in the Kellett family since the 1650’s and the House dates from the 1790’s. Around the house there are pastures and woodlands with lakeside walks, pleasure grounds and a carefully restored Victorian Garden. In 2012 works were carried out in the woodlands through the NeighbourWood Scheme which included upgrading and extending the Looped Walk with new paths and signage as well as clearing rhododendrons. The Enniscoe woodlands won the 2013 RDS/Forest Service Forestry Award for bio-diverse woodlands.

Forestry Premium Increase

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Forestry Premium Increase in new scheme

newsWestern Forestry Co-op welcomes the announcement of Forestry Programme 2014 – 2020 which gives certainty to landowners considering forestry. There are significant improvements compared to the original proposal circulated in September 2014, which include:

- Forest Premiums up to max €635/ha (conifer premium now €510/ha or €206/acre) 20% higher when compared year on year (payable for 15yrs)
- Higher forest premium rate for all (farmer rate paid to anyone who plants)
- Full establishment grant (5% increase to cover rising costs)
- Roads increased to €40 per metre
- Special construction works grant (max €5000) for roads in environmentally sensitive sites

Virginia Agricultural Show 2014

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virg showWednesday the 20th of August saw the 73rd Virginia Agricultural show taking place at the showground in Virginia town.

Western Forestry Co-op were delighted to be there with a stand to enjoy the atmosphere as well as inform landowners on the many forestry options available to them.

Co-op Foresters Joseph, Patrick and Victor were all at hand to discuss the potentials of planting forestry as well as harvesting options for existing forest owners.

There was a good interest in forestry from people considering forestry as well as existing forest owners.

Roscommon Agricultural Show 2014

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ros showOn Saturday the 16th of August Western Forestry Co-op had a stand at the Roscommon Agricultural Show.

Co-op Forester Patrick was on hand to provide information and answer any questions about forestry.

There was a lot of interest from local landowners about the prospects of planting marginal land and the benefit of doing so. Patrick explained how landowners could earn on average €200/acre/year income tax free as well as being able to claim their full Single Farm Payment on planted land.

There were many existing forest owners there on the day interested in thinning and harvesting in their forests. Patrick explained the necessary steps for harvesting i.e. felling licence, roading access etc, as well as the grants which are available to assist with forest management such as roading. Patrick has arranged to meet with some forest owners to visit these plantations.

The show was a great success all the trades stands, spectators and contestants in the many competitions taking place on the day.

Forestry & Farming

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Forestry and Farming a Winning Combination


Victor Barber Western Forestry Co-op congratulating Charlie Tinney on 1st place and Judge Pat Chambers.

North Sligo Show enjoyed a very successful day on 2nd August with record numbers of livestock on show. Western Forestry Co-op is proud to be part of this show and sponsor the Ewe Lamb Championships for the past number of years for mountain and lowland breeds which attracted entries from as far away as Longford and Letterkenny. Western Forestry Co-op has always believed that farming and forestry work well together with forestry as another asset to the farm. Forestry will reduce your labour input and add extra financial income for the less productive part of the farm in annual premium payment, thinning's and final harvest. Farmers receive an average premium of €200/acre/annum from forestry while still retaining your full single farm payment, allowing more time to concentrate on productive land. With beef and lamb prices under severe pressure at the moment maybe now is the time to think about making the less productive land on your farm pay by talking to your local forester Victor Barber (086 8289926) from Grange in Co. Sligo who is also a part time farmer and forest owner.

Scope to Offset Emissions through Afforestation Welcome

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Forestry Edge Monds Comp

Reacting to this week's European Council conclusions on 2030 climate policy, IBEC, the group that represents Irish business, today welcomed the commitment that agricultural emissions can be offset through afforestation after 2020. IBEC however highlighted the need for early clarity on the rules that will apply to this.

Acknowledging the success of the Irish negotiating team, IBEC Head of Infrastructure, Energy and Environment Dr Neil Walker said: “The new deal marks an important milestone, but is just the beginning of 12 months of tough, detailed negotiations on how individual Member State targets will be implemented.

"Ireland looks set to have very ambitious carbon reduction targets over the coming years, regardless of whether a global deal is agreed at next year's UN climate summit. This will undoubtedly present many challenges. It is important that the EU's approach is flexible, fair and proportionate, so competitiveness and jobs are not adversely affected."

Forest Thinning & Roads Field Evening

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Forest Thinning & Roads Field Evening

ForestThinning2Inishowen Forest Owners Group, Inishowen Co-op and the Western Forestry Co-op jointly organised a well attended Field event on a beautiful summer evening in Tullydish, Buncrana. The field evening brought together forest owners from around Donegal to outline and discuss a first thinning operation on two privately owned forests. Forest owners were shown and discussed the need for inspection paths, fertilisation requirements, inventory plots, felling license, forest roading and timber stacking.

Happy Retirement Pat & Tom

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Pat & Tom Retire after 19 Yrs with Western Forestry Co-op

Original MembersAfter 19 years working together (half a Forest Rotation) providing excellent farm forestry services, advice and support, both Patricia Dillon (fondly known as Pat to all who know her) Forestry Development Officer and Tom Staunton, Co-op Forester have retired from the East Mayo Forestry Co-op (part of Western Forestry Co-op) based in Kiltimagh.

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