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Benefits of Forestry

  • Annual Tax Free Premium for 15yrs
  • Full establishment grant - Costs you Nothing
  • Retain Full Single Farm Payment Entitlements
  • Retain 100% Ownership of Land & Trees
  • Tax free income on Timber Sales
  • Tax efficient for Inheritance Tax
  • Tax efficient for Capital Gains Tax
  • Timber is a Secure Pension Plan
  • Increasing use of renewable fuels – your own sustainable fuel supply
  • Environmental enhancement through protection of soils, water, climate change mitigation through storing carbon, increases biodiversity and provides shelter
  • Grants for Forest Road construction
  • FREE Inspection and Grant Application (Contact Co-op Forester)

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Contribution of the Irish Forest Sector to the Irish Economy (2013)

Our Location

Western Forestry Coop
ICOS House
Finisklin Road

Contact Details

Telephone: +353 (0)71 9161458

Email: info@westernforestrycoop.ie