Our Staff

Marina Conway – (CEO)

Marina graduated from UCD with a degree in Agricultural Science (Forestry) in 1996 and Masters in Agricultural Science by Research in 2006. Upon graduation Marina worked with Western Forestry Co-op for 10yrs. After this she worked internationally in Government in New Zealand on forestry in the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme. Marina has worked in public sector, private sector and ran her own company and her experience ranges from afforestation, reforestation, harvesting, sustainable forest management to climate change policy, forest carbon projects, emissions trading schemes, wind farm projects, training and public procurement. She has also received qualifications in Environmental Auditing, Training and Water Pollution Control. Marina is a technical member of the Society of Irish Foresters.

Tel: 071-9161458 | Email: marina@westernforestrycoop.ie

Victor Barber – Harvesting Forester Sales

Victor graduated from GMIT with BSc in Forestry in 2002 and from the University of Inverness Scottish School of Forestry with a BSc in Forest Management and Conservation in 2003. A Sligo native and a farmer at heart he has a keen interest in sheep and cattle breeding and is a regular winner at local agricultural shows. Victor joined Western Forestry Co-op in 2011 and is currently Operations Manager where he ensures the successful implementation of all forest operations from forest establishment to road building, harvesting and Health and Safety. Victor is a technical member of the Society of Irish Foresters and a Native Woodland Scheme accredited Forester.

Tel: 071-9161458 | Mb: 086-8289926 | Email: victor@westernforestrycoop.ie

Colm Gilheaney – Forester (Roscommon/East Sligo/Longford/Cavan/Monaghan/Leitrim)

Colm graduated from WIT in 2008 with a degree in Manufacturing Technology and from UCD with a degree in Agricultural Science in Forestry in 2015. He has worked previously as a lumberjack, a tree-surgeon and ran his own landscaping company. He has gained forest experience with the state forestry in Iceland and with Coillte in Ireland. Colm is based in our Sligo office managing afforestation projects in counties Sligo, Leitrim, Cavan, Longford and Monaghan. Colm is a technical member of the society of Irish Foresters.

Tel: 071-9161458 | Mb: 086-2008354 | Email colm.gilheaney@westernforestrycoop.ie

Tony Lenighan – Forester (Galway/Mayo/Clare/West Sligo)

Tony graduated from WIT in 2015 with a BSc in Forestry and in 2016 with BSc (Hon) in Land Management in Forestry. Tony joined Western Forestry Co-op in 2016 and works in afforestation, forest roads and forest management in Counties Mayo and West Sligo. A native of County Mayo, Tony is from a farming background where he still farms and plays for the local soccer and GAA clubs in his spare time. Tony is a technical member of the Society of Irish Foresters.

Tel: 094-9542668 | Mb: 087-2162075 | Email: tony.lenighan@westernforestrycoop.ie

Joseph McManus – Forester (Harvesting)

Joseph graduated from DIT in 2001 with a Diploma in Business Studies and worked in finance before realising that his first love was forestry. He graduated from WIT in 2014 with a BSc in Forestry and upon graduation joined Western Forestry Co-op to work in our forest harvesting team. Joseph is responsible for all harvesting site management from Health and Safety in forest operations to timber security, harvesting contractors, haulage operators, timber buyers, reforestation and pine weevil control. Joseph is also a farmer and a native of County Leitrim. Joseph is a technical member of the Society of Irish Foresters.

Tel: 071-9161458 | Mb: 087-2470804 | Email: joseph@westernforestrycoop.ie

Kevin Dunne – Forester (Harvesting)

Kevin Dunne Photo

Kevin graduated from Waterford Institute of Technology in 2019 with a BSc in Forestry. Kevin joined Western Forestry Co-op in 2019, and is a part of the Forest Harvesting Team specialising in Forest Roads, Thinning and Clearfelling. Kevin works in his home County of Mayo, as well as Counties Galway, Roscommon and Clare. Kevin is a technical member of the Society of Irish Foresters.

Tel: 094-9542668 | Mb: 087-6606043 | Email: kevin@westernforestrycoop.ie

Noreen Barrett – Finance Manager

Noreen graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with an Honours degree in Accounting in 1999 and thereafter graduated as a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants in 2012. Noreen has worked as an Accountant in the private sector and the not-for-Profit sector in Ireland and also ran her own company as a self-employed Consultant and Adviser. Her skill set ranges from Budgeting, Cashflow management, Customer relationship Management, Financial Control, Financial Analysis and Human Resources management. Noreen would describe herself as a “Social Accountant” and compliment’s the existing Technical and Operational Management Team at Western Forestry Co-op to help ensure that the aims and objectives of Western Forestry Co-op to serve the Farmer are met.

Tel: 071-9161458 | Email: accounts@westernforestrycoop.ie

Sarah Stewart – Office Administrator

Sarah graduated from I.T. Sligo with a degree in Business studies in 2015. Prior to that Sarah worked as a trainee administration assistant for a Hygiene company in Donegal. Sarah joined Western Forestry Co-op in 2016 and is based in our head office. A farmer in her own right with a passion for pedigree sheep, Sarah has more than one trophy for her achievements at agricultural shows nationwide. Sarah works in general administration and Western Forestry Co-op’s group forestry insurance scheme.

Tel: 071-9161458 | Email: sarah@westernforestrycoop.ie

Tony Freeley – Communications and Business Administration Officer

Tony graduated from I.T. Sligo with a Bachelor of Business (Hons) Abinitio in 2015 and has been with Western Forestry Co-op since 2016. Tony worked for Abbott Diagnostics and was responsible for ensuring the successful and effective implementation of site project transfers and miscellaneous plant projects. Tony worked for Masonite Ireland Ltd (internal door manufacturer) for 11 years as a Customer Service & Shipping Coordinator whilst also implementing new process systems and developing software for production and distribution. Prior to this Tony worked in the UK as a service engineer repairing all types of office equipment.

Tel: 071-9161458 | Email: tony@westernforestrycoop.ie