Condition Orange – High Fire Risk
Warning Effective From 1500hrs 29/05/2023
Effective Period Expires 1800hrs 06/06/2023
It is important to be extra vigilant with the good weather forecast

With the brighter days ahead of us, comes the peak forest fire season in which The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine have issued a Status Orange Fire Risk warning from the 18th of April.  Your forestry is a valuable asset, and we highly recommend that you ensure that your forestry has the best level of protection for fire, fire brigade costs, reconstitution, replanting costs, and public liability. 

Western forestry Co-op runs a group insurance scheme with cover on all the above perils.  If you would like a quote or further information, please contact Sarah on 071 9161458 or

Fire Danger Notice 05 of 2023
Issue date: 29 May 2023 @ 1500 hrs
More information HERE
Arising from current weather patterns a high fire risk is deemed to exist in all areas where hazardous fuels such as dead grasses and shrub fuels such as heather and gorse exist.
Westerly high-pressure dominated weather will induce settled weather and higher temperatures across Ireland in coming days. While some areas may receive isolated rain showers during this time, most areas can be expected to see dry weather, higher temperatures and strongly elevated fire risks in areas with fire-prone vegetation types.
Where fires do occur, fire behaviour is likely to be moderated by advanced live fuels growth, particularly in upland grasses, and by settled conditions with light and variable breezes.
Members of the public and visitors to recreational areas should cooperate with all requests regarding fire safety, obey all relevant bye-laws and be considerate in parking vehicles so as not to impede access by emergency vehicles.