Within 2 years of clearfelling most sites will be replanted. Please note it is the law to replant a forest in Ireland. Typical replanting activities include:

  • Windrowing (brash, lop and top piled in rows typically 12m apart)

  • Mounding

  • Dipped Trees (pre-treated in insecticide)

  • Planting

  • Fertiliser

  • Fencing (if needed)

  • Spraying for Pine Weevil infestation (subsequent outbreaks)

Replanted Site

Pine weevil

Pine Weevil

Forest owners need to be extremely vigilant with regard to large pine weevil control which will be the most costly pest in a replanting project. The large pine weevil breeds in the stumps of freshly felled trees which is why at replanting it is a problem.

There are two outbreaks of pine weevil a year, typically March/April and August/September time. They feed on the bark of young trees from the root collar up which can lead to death when the young tree is completely ring barked. It has been estimated that up to 100,000 weevils can emerge in a hectare and in the absence of protection up to 100% of the freshly planted trees can be killed.