Western Forestry Co-op Knowledge Transfer Group 

Please note: The scheme is only open for those who have not previously participated in a forestry KT group.

Western Forestry Co-op ran a series of successful Knowledge Transfer Groups in Sligo, Leitrim and Mayo and are looking forward to running more KTG groups in 2023.

Each KTG can have a maximum of 20 participants with each participant needing to attend 7 meetings or outdoor events in order to complete the programme. Each KTG participant will receive €70 per meeting attended, with the maximum payment to each participant of €490.

The aim of the KTG Scheme:
  • Provide additional knowledge to help forest owners understand the activities required in their forests.

  • Provide the knowledge and expertise over the forest crop rotation to achieve a sustainable economic return.

  • Increase the level of forest management activity amongst forest owners
  • Filling the knowledge gap and bridging the barrier to the mobilisation of timber and biomass from the private sector.
Western Forestry Co-op KT Groups have the following benefits to owners:
  • Providing qualified and experience foresters with valuable knowledge.

  • Increase awareness to forest owners of the value of their forest.

  • Informing forest owners on how to actively manage their forest sustainably.
  • Improve the understanding and the steps required when selling timber.

  • Best practice for forestry establishment.

  • Better management results in greater productivity
  • Contribute towards developing a greater forest culture in Ireland

  • Provide innovative mechanisms to integrate agriculture and forestry to allow for double income use options


If you wish to take part in this KTG scheme please Register your interest below:

For further information contact our KT Administrator Sarah Stewart, Western Forestry Co-op, ICOS House, Finisklin Road, Sligo F91P896, or email

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