Forest Harvesting

Harvesting in a timely and efficient manner is one of the most important decisions forest owners will make. Western Forestry Co-op will advise you if your forest is:

  • Ready for thinning

  • Suitable for thinning
  • Too late to be thinned (i.e. the trees are too high)
  • Type of thinning operation
  • Ready for clearfell
  • Engage harvesting & haulage contractors
  • Market Timber
  • Supervise harvest operations
  • Timber Security
  • Health & Safety Requirements

Whether to thin or not to thin your forest plantation is a very important question for all forest owners. Thinning is the removal of the poorer performing trees (dead, dying, forked, suppressed, crooked trees) which will increase the value of your final crop trees (research indicates an increase between 11-12% in value of your final crop). In a typical conifer forest 2,500 trees per hectare are planted (to reduce branching and encourage canopy closure), your final crop should be 500 trees per hectare.

As a general rule of thumb, if your plantation has an average diameter of 16cm and is approaching a height of 10m then you should get it assessed by your co-op forester to plan your thinning operation.

Forest Harvesting
Why thin?
  • Ready for thinning
  • Periodic Income (thinning cycles every 4-5yrs)
  • Tax free Income, depending on growth rates & age of thinning
  • Reduce competition i.e. final crop trees put on volume quicker
  • Create access for ease of management
  • Increases recreation value of your forest and biodiversity by opening the canopy
Steps to thinning your forest?
  • Ready for thinning
  • Felling license
  • Forest Access (roading)
  • Harvesting method and contractor
  • Supervise harvest operations
  • Timber Security
  • Forest Docket reconciliation
  • Payment
Why Western Forestry Co-op:
  • Ready for thinning
  • Forest Roading/Felling License
  • Independently price harvesting contractors
  • Arrange and negotiate with harvesting contractors
  • Supervise harvest operations
  • Professional registered foresters
  • The Co-op is not a timber buyer and therefore does not have a vested interest in your timber – the co-op will sell it on your behalf to the highest bidde
  • Trust – Co-op has provided forestry advice and assistance to forest owners for over 30 years

Forest Harvesting

Clearfelling involves the harvesting and complete removal of all trees at the end of the rotation. It is important to engage your local co-op forester to tender your forest sale on your behalf. Clearfell is the most valuable harvest operation and extremely important that it is undertaken by competent qualified individuals.

Please contact Western Forestry Co-op for more information.

Sligo: 071-9161458 Mayo: 094-9542668

Forest Harvesting