Forest Road Grant

Access for timber removal is extremely important for harvest operations. A forest road grant is available from the Forest Service to assist in the construction of the road, the following operations are eligible for support:

  • Tree clearance
  • Limited felling licence (LFL) is valid for two years and is mainly used for small fellings. This type of Licence must be used if the applicant is requesting not to replant or if nominating an alternative area to replant.
  • Inceptor drains and Formation work
  • Base course and surfacing
  • Bell mouths and turntables
  • Internal Turning junctions
  • Culverts and Bridges
Forest Road Grant

The maximum grant rate available is €40 per linear metre to a maximum of 20 linear metres per hectare (please note roading density is limited to 20m/ha for grant aid only and a forest owner may extend the road at their own cost if necessary). Your local Co-op Forester can inspect your site to assess the layout and design of the road and submit an application for road grant approval to the Forest Service.

Road Approval Criteria:

50% of forest area must be due for harvesting within next 3 years (5 years for a co-operative roading venture)

Broadleaves can be used for area calculation where the average height is 8 metres

Ownership of land on which road is to be built will be required
You must have a Felling License before you start to build your forest road. Western Forestry Co-op promotes co-operative road ventures and has assisted forest owners in building co-operative roads to service adjoining plantations.

Forest Road Grant

Please contact Western Forestry Co-op for more information.

Sligo: 071-9161458 Mayo: 094-9542668