The Woodland Festival is open for applications for traders in woodland crafts, timber products, forestry supplies and local artisan food stalls for Sunday Aug 25th. Please email info@westernforestrycoop.ie or phone 071-9161458.

Western Forestry Co-op Knowledge Transfer Group 2019

Western Forestry Co-op ran successful Knowledge Transfer Groups in 2018 in Sligo, Leitrim and Mayo and are looking forward to running more KTG groups starting in August 2019. Each KTG can have a maximum of 20 participants with each participant needing to attend 7 meetings or outdoor events in order to complete the programme. Each KTG participant will receive €70 per meeting attended, with the maximum payment to each participant of €490.

Please visit HERE for more information.

Welcome to Western Forestry Co-op

Western Forestry Co-op has over 30 years experience in advising landowners on forestry. The Co-op was established in 1985 by the Dairy Co-operatives in Western Counties in response to a need for support services for landowners considering forestry. Since that time the Co-op has afforested thousands of acres along the Western seaboard and is the largest and longest established forestry co-operative providing professional forestry services that include forest establishment, forest management planning, harvesting, forest roads and a forest insurance scheme.


Western Forestrys Co-op ethos of strength, transparency and openness are our foundation. The needs of forest owners and the advantages of forestry in rural communities are the foundation of the Western Forestry Co-op. Our team of professional foresters have vast experience in all aspects of forest management and our forestry development advisors are available locally.

Western Forestry Co-op is proud to present.

Woodland Festival – Sunday the 25th August at the Killegar Estate, Carrigallen in South Leitrim.

Come see the wood from the trees at Irelands first Woodland Festival on Sunday the 25th August at the Killegar Estate, Carrigallen in South Leitrim in the heart of the Lakeland country.

The Woodland Festival will celebrate all that’s good about trees and woodlands and what’s more it’s FREE.  The festival is a time for people to engage with the woods, walk in the woods, learn in the woods and leave with a better understanding of a woodland and its trees, whether that be broadleaf or conifer, the differences of both, the variety of both, the biodiversity of both, what it means to work in and manage these woods, the people who work in and manage these woods, how they provide income and above all having spent time in nature. The Killegar estate is a mix of woodland and farmland set on 320 acres and contains old and young native woodland, mature broadleaf woodland with excellent examples of Oak and Beech trees, 22 hectares of conifer Sitka spruce and Japanese larch woodland, commercially planted Ash and 20 small research plots of Sitka spruce, Norway spruce, Oak, and Ash planted in 0.1 hectare blocks. This is an outdoor rustic woodland festival for people to come and enjoy the woods in all their glory.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page and our dedicated website woodlandfestival.ie for more updates.

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The whole planting process was straight forward with Western Forestry Co-op taking care of the application process, planting and maintenance on site and the trees seem to be doing a lot better on this ground than my sheep did.

Basil Henry , Grange, Co. Sligo

Colm Gilheaney from Western Forestry Co-op understood exactly want we wanted to develop and we were delighted with the ideas he was able to put together. His planning, organisation and the way the workforce operated was extremely professional and precise.

David Doherty, Kilclar, Co. Leitrim.

The best thing about the forestry I feel is that I did not have to do any work bar signing a few forms. Colm was very trustworthy and was out managing the digger, planters and fencers from day one. He has now also sprayed the land to kill off grass competing with the trees.

Tom King, Hollymount Co. Mayo

After contacting Western Forestry Co-Op Colm Gilheaney came to my farm to explain the process of planting and developing the forest. His personality and knowledge of the forestry sector worldwide very much impressed me.

Nigel McWilliams, Dromahair

When Tony Lenighan presented us with his final plan for the farm – an eleven hectare plantation of which about 25% was going to be native species like downy birch, silver birch, alder, hazel, whitethorn and blackthorn we were impressed.

Bridget and Patrick Hopkins, Castlebar, Co. Mayo.

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