Welcome to Western Forestry Co-op

Western Forestry Co-op has over 30 years experience in advising landowners on forestry. The Co-op was established in 1985 by the Dairy Co-operatives in Western Counties in response to a need for support services for landowners considering forestry. Since that time the Co-op has afforested thousands of acres along the Western seaboard and is the largest and longest established forestry co-operative providing professional forestry services that include forest establishment, forest management planning, harvesting, forest roads and a forest insurance scheme.


Western Forestrys Co-op ethos of strength, transparency and openness are our foundation. The needs of forest owners and the advantages of forestry in rural communities are the foundation of the Western Forestry Co-op. Our team of professional foresters have vast experience in all aspects of forest management and our forestry development advisors are available locally.

Due to current Covid-19 restrictions and update received by DAFM today, Western Forestry Co-op have to postpone all KTG meetings until further notice.  We will be in contact once we have a start date.

New Forestry Knowledge Transfer Scheme 2020

Western Forestry Co-op welcome the announcement of the opening of the Forestry KTGs and look forward to welcoming new members. We will be running KTGs in western counties so please contact us to register your interest on 071-9161458 or info@westernforestrycoop.ie  or visit HERE to register an interest by completing the online form.