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Woodland Establishment

“The best time to plant trees was 20 years ago,the second-best time is NOW”

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Forest Harvesting

Our Co-op Harvesting Model gets the Best price for your Timber

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Forest Insurance

Insure your Valuable Asset from Fire and Storm Damage

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Woodland Management

Management Plans, Valuations, Conservation, Neighbour Woods Field Events, Knowledge Transfer Scheme

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Welcome to Western Forestry Co-op

Western Forestry Co-op has over 36 years experience in advising landowners on forestry. The Co-op, established in 1985 by the Dairy Co-operatives in Western Counties, was created to offer support services for landowners considering forestry. Since that time the Co-op has planted thousands of acres along the Western seaboard. We are the largest and longest established forestry co-operative. Providing professional forestry services that include forest establishment, afforestation, forest management planning, harvesting, forest roads, wind farm consultancy, forest management plans, and a forest insurance scheme.

Joint Press Release – Government Preparing to turn its back on Rural Ireland

This is not a good deal for rural Ireland and goes against everything Western Forestry Co-op stands for which is afforestation by farmers, landowners and communities. Our forests are best managed in the hands of the Irish people, and not investment funds. If this is something that you are concerned about, please contact your local TD, Senator, Councillor or otherwise, let them know how you feel and send them a copy of this press release to show most forestry and agriculture organisations are firmly against this.

western forestry
western forestry

Western Forestry Co-op Team

The Western Forestry Co-op team for our Woodland Festival Sunday the 25th August 2019 at Killegar Estate, Carrigallen, South Leitrim.

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Western forestry co-op field day with the ITGA

Western forestry co-op field day with the ITGA at the beautiful Hilton Park Estate woodlands, discussing management of Oak and Douglas fir stand, native woodland of oak, birch, Scot’s [...]


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