Felling Licence

Under The Forestry Act 1946 it is illegal to uproot/fell or remove any tree over ten years old or 10 metres high.
Western forestry co-op can apply on your behalf for either type of felling licence that you require, we will then pass through the information for the licence onto the local forest inspection for approval.

There are two types of Felling Licences:
  • General felling licence (GFL) is valid for a period of five years and is used for both thinning and clearfells. Replanting must take place on the same area that has been thinned or clearfelled.
  • Limited felling licence (LFL) is valid for two years and is mainly used for small fellings. This type of Licence must be used if the applicant is requesting not to replant or if nominating an alternative area to replant.

A forest management plan, harvest plan and replanting plan can be required depending on the felling operation.

Please contact your local co-op forester if you require assistance.