New Planting Grant Scheme with Western Forestry Co-op

New Forest Premium Rates 2018

The new grant and premium rates as outlined below are applicable to all financial approvals (Form 1(a)) that receive approval from 21 February 2018. Any landowner with an earlier financial approval who has not submitted a Notice of Substantial Commencement (Form 1(b)) yet may withdraw the earlier financial approval and reapply.

Establishment Premium Rates (From 21 February 2018) (€/ha)
Grant and Premium Category (GPC) Annual Premium Rate
Annual Premium Rate
Premium Duration
GPC1 – Unenclosed €185 €190 15
GPC 2 – Sitka spruce / Lodgepole pine €140 €450 15
GPC 3 – 10% Diverse Conifer, e.g. Sitka spruce and 10%
€510 €520 15
GPC 4 – Diverse Conifer, e.g. Scots pine, Douglas Fir €590 €600 15
GPC 5 – Broadleaf, e.g. sycamore €605 €620 15
GPC 6 – Oak €645 €660 15
GPC 7 – Beech €645 €660 15
GPC 8 – Alder and Birch €605 €620 15
GPC 9 – Native Woodland Establishment (oak-birch-
€665 €680 15
GPC 10 – Native Woodland Establishment (alder-oak) €665 €680 15
GPC 11 – Agroforestry €645 €660 5
GPC 12 – Forestry for Fibre €4510 €520 15

The afforestation grant scheme includes a 100% establishment grant which covers the cost of planting your land (cultivation, Trees, planting, fertiliser, fencing, vegetation control and 4 years maintenance) and an annual income tax free premium payment for 15 years.

The only reason planting your land will come at a cost is due to there being a large amount of fencing required that cannot be covered in the grant, or the area being small than 2ha as there is a small site fee of €650.00+vat to complete the application.

What are the benefits of Forestry?
  • Tax Free income for 15yrs
  • Retain your Full Single Farm Payment
  • Full planting grant – costs you nothing
  • Retain 100% ownership of Trees and Land
  • Timber is a Secure Pension Plan

Your local Western Forestry Co-op forester will call out and inspect your land for Free, explain the scheme and options to you and submit an application for afforestation approval on your behalf. You are under no obligation to plant your land when you receive this approval and an approval is currently valid for 36 months,

New Planting

so you have time to decide if forestry is the best option for you. Please note that an application for approval can take 3 – 6 months so apply now and you will have the choice of planting next spring.

Please contact Western Forestry Co-op for more information.

Sligo: 071-9161458 Mayo: 094-9542668