Why Western Forestry Co-op?

Western Forestry Co-op has over 35 years experience in the forestry sector in Ireland including the establishment and management of plantations, road construction, harvesting and the marketing of roundwood.

We specialise in providing a comprehensive forest management service from planting your land to selling your timber.

why western forestry
What sets us apart from other service providers in the sector is:
  • We listen to the requirements of each client and identify appropriate forestry solutions for their consideration
  • We conduct due diligence, including strategic and financial appraisal
  • Our forest management service is centred on safeguarding the long term value of the investment by delivering site specific strategies to maximise returns
  • We are committed to managing forests sustainably; for both the best interests of our client, the environment and the local community
Benefits of Co-operative Approach:
  • Strong tradition of farm forestry (35 years forestry experience)

  • Advise landowners on options that are best for their enterprise
  • Team of Professional registered foresters
  • Group rates for forest services
  • Group Forest Insurance Scheme
  • Cluster Harvest Sites
  • Look after all forest areas, regardless of size