Condition Orange – High Fire Risk
Fire Danger Notice 04 of 2019
Warning Effective From 1200hrs 18/04/2019
Effective Period Expires 1200hrs 23/04/2019
Arising from Easterly High Pressure conditions and forecast high temperatures, a High Fire
Risk exists in all areas where hazardous fuels such as gorse, heather, dried grasses and
other dead vegetation exist. In some areas, fire risk condition may be moderated temporarily
by scattered light rain during the timeframe of this notice.
The projected meteorological fire risk is likely to be further compounded by additional ignition
risks arising from the forthcoming Easter Bank Holiday Weekend. Most recent fire incidents
appear to have taken place on lands associated with turf cutting, but additional risks may
also exist on areas commonly used for public recreation. On this basis, the highest degree
of vigilance is warranted by forest owners and managers during the long weekend. Fire risk
is expected to peak significantly on Monday, 22 April, 2019.