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Forestry Premium Increase in new scheme

newsWestern Forestry Co-op welcomes the announcement of Forestry Programme 2014 – 2020 which gives certainty to landowners considering forestry. There are significant improvements compared to the original proposal circulated in September 2014, which include:

– Forest Premiums up to max €635/ha (conifer premium now €510/ha or €206/acre) 20% higher when compared year on year (payable for 15yrs)
– Higher forest premium rate for all (farmer rate paid to anyone who plants)
– Full establishment grant (5% increase to cover rising costs)
– Roads increased to €40 per metre
– Special construction works grant (max €5000) for roads in environmentally sensitive sites









  • €7 million funding Native Woodland Conservation Scheme (up to 360ha per annum)
  • Native Woodland establishment premium increase to €635/ha
  • Neighbourwood Scheme (community woodlands)
  • New Agro-Forestry Scheme (5yr premium)
  • Forestry for Fibre Scheme (energy crops, 10yr premium)

The Co-op was strongly involved in negotiations with the department for increased premium rates and are particularly proud in the removal of the reduced rate for plantings < 8ha which would have severely disadvantaged West of Ireland farmers with an average farm size of 26 hectares.

If you are considering forestry, then now is a good time to act.

Please contact your local Co-op forester for more information on the new scheme (advert on this page)