Forest Fire Season Red Alert (Highest) – Is your Forest Insured?

Sarah Stewart, Western Forestry Co-op

The long period of dry weather and sunshine has been very welcome during these unusual lockdown times however it is also a time when forest owners need to be extremely vigilant with regard to fire risk and illegal burning. The current fire Danger Risk Level is CONDITION RED – EXTREME FIRE RISK, this is the highest level warning there is and the last few weeks have seen vegetation and ground conditions become particularly dry as a result of the warm dry weather. In the present times, our emergency services are focusing on the current Covid-19 emergency, and should not be distracted by forest fires which are all mainly caused by arson and peat burning, these fires are not happening naturally.

Western Forestry Co-op provides a very affordable insurance scheme for forest owners.  We offer cover for Fire, Storm, Replanting costs, Fire Brigade Cover, Public Liability and included is cover for damage to gates, fences, roads, felled timber and additional site clearance costs at no additional cost.  There is zero excess on fire claims.  At Western Forestry Co-op, our professional foresters can help in the process of advising on replanting and managing your forest to its full potential in the event of a loss along with many other services.

We would like to remind forest owners to make sure their forest is insured. Firstly as peace of mind to the forest owner and secondly, as you are required by law to replant your forest if it is burnt and one of the largest costs will be the replanting costs.  In times of dry weather, forest owners are also reminded to check that they have fire breaks in place to prevent the spread of fire, inspect your forest or check in with neighbours for any activity, plan for access to water, have fire beating tools and phone numbers of people who can help you stop the spread if a fire were to occur.

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