The forest industries productive cycleAs a member of Forest Industries Ireland (FII), Western Forestry Co-op CEO Marina Conway welcomes the recent launch of “Forest Industries Ireland (FII), an industry group that brings together all the major forest and timber companies of the forest industry chain.  As a member of FII it is our aim that the forest sector will continue to grow to sustain and create jobs in rural Ireland for the benefit of farmers and landowners and that forestry will continue to compliment farming by providing an alternative income on marginal soils”.

Speaking at the launch of Forest Industries Ireland (FII), the Ibec group for the national sector yesterday (Wednesday, January 9), the director of FII Mark McAuley noted the sector as yielding the second highest-yielding level of returns for the average farmer over the lifetime of the commodity.  Western Forestry Co-op continues to support farmers in afforesting and managing their forests, with the objective that farmers receive the best return from their forests and for those benefits to compliment farming and in turn benefit their local communities. Forestry has been shown by research conducted by Teagasc to yield the second highest level of returns over its lifetime after dairying.

In an era of climate change and sustainability, forestry will compliment the overall farm mix through enhanced returns and environmental protection (soils, water, flood mitigation, carbon sequestration, and enhanced biodiversity).  There are many choices out there for farmers as to the woodland type or mix that will best suit their needs, be it commercial woodlands, native woodlands, flood protection, community and tourism and there are many incentives and schemes so farmers can chose the woodland mix that best suits their requirements.  With the advent of CAP2020 and the strong focus on the environment and climate change, forestry in Ireland is evolving and Western Forestry Co-op will continue to advocate on behalf of farmers and landowners so that they will have a suite of options to select the woodland type that will best suit their circumstances.

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