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Neighbourwood Scheme

Neighbourwood Scheme 2The NeighbourWood Scheme will provide support for the development of new and existing “close-to-home” woodland or “NeighbourWoods” for public access, education, recreation and enjoyment on land in or near villages, towns and cities. The Neighbourwood scheme is aimed primarily at local authorities and private landholders, working in partnership with local communities. Other landholders may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
The scheme will provide financial support under three separate elements:

  • Element 1 will support the silvicultural enhancement of existing amenity forests
  • Element 2 will support the establishment of new NeighbourWoods
  • Element 3 will support the installation and upgrade of appropriate recreational facilities within existing or new amenity woodlands

Western Forestry Co-op assisted in the following NeighbourWoods:

  • Enniscoe House and Woodlands (including Mayo Looped Walks)
  • Belleek Forest Park Enhancement Scheme
  • Ballymote NeighbourWood

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