Benefits of Forestry

  • Annual Tax Free Premium for 15yrs
  • Full establishment grant – Costs you Nothing
  • Retain Full Single Farm Payment Entitlements
  • Retain 100% Ownership of Land & Trees
  • Tax free income on Timber Sales
  • Tax efficient for Inheritance Tax
  • Tax efficient for Capital Gains Tax
  • Timber is a Secure Pension Plan
  • Increasing use of renewable fuels – your own sustainable fuel supply
  • Environmental enhancement through protection of soils, water, climate change mitigation through storing carbon, increases biodiversity and provides shelter
  • Grants for Forest Road construction
  • FREE Inspection and Grant Application (Contact Western Forestry Co-op Forester)
Value (2013)
Percentage land area under forest 10.6%
Area under forest 737,902 hectares
Area of forest which is state owned 54%
Area of forest which is in private ownership 46%
Output of the forestry and forest products sector (2012) €2.3 billion
Forestry as a % of GDP 1.4%
Employment 12,000
Government forestry budget €105 million
Number of forest tree seedings produced 45 million
Demand for afforestation 19.967 hectares
Demand for new forest roads 237,744 metres
Area of forest damaged by forest fire 350 hectares
Harvest of commercial roundwood 2.84 million cubic metres
Forest product exports €339 million
Sawn softwood exports €81 million
Wood based panel exports €199 million
Carbon sequestered by Irish forests 2.2 million tonnes
Recreational visits to Irish forests 18 million

Contribution of the Irish Forest Sector to the Irish Economy (2013)

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