Forestry and Farm Schemes

Single Farm Payment

Western Forestry Co-op welcomes the Ministers announcement that the payment of the forest premium and the Single Farm Payment (SFP) on the same land will continue under the new Forestry Programme 2014-2020. This also includes any forestry plantings since 2009, as they will continue to receive SFP on planted land until 2020.

Disadvantaged Areas Scheme (Area Aid)

Maximum payment is on 34 hectares (100 acres). Your overall farm area should be taken in account when planning your forestry. If your land area is greater than 34 hectares after you plant then your Area Aid payment will not be affected.

AEOS (Agri-Environmental Options Scheme)

Payments in the AEOS scheme are based upon environmental options and unlike REPS the whole farm is not involved as actions are chosen for specific areas such as planting hedges, fencing off watercourses, species rich grasslands etc. If you are still in the scheme, please contact your local Co-op forester and they will assess if the land you intend on planting is affected by the AEOS scheme.

GLAS (Green Low Carbon Agri Scheme)

The new GLAS scheme will provide funding for farmers who undertake environmental actions in line with national and EU environmental objectives. It is envisaged that this scheme is primarily aimed at commonage landowners which wont affect your forestry application. Details of the new GLAS scheme are to be finalised in 2015.

Wet rushy land cultivated and ready for planting.

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