Group Forest Insurance Scheme 2018/2019

Trees showing fire damage.

Trees showing fire damage.

Western Forestry Co-op administers a low cost group forest insurance scheme for forest owners.

We are delighted to say that last year we greatly improved our forest insurance scheme by securing better cover for your forest and also providing a discounted renewal premium, possibly the only insurance that provided a discounted premium last year.

Our forest insurance scheme provides covers for fire, lightning, explosion, storm up to 55 years, replanting costs, fire brigade cover and additional cover for damage to gates, stiles, fences, roads, felled timber etc all at no extra cost to the forest owner and a ZERO policy excess on a fire claim and a reduced excess to €1,000 on a storm claim.

Western Forestry Co-op’s Group insurance scheme provides cover for the following perils

Peril Insurance Cover
Fire, Lightning, Aircraft, Explosion Loss or damage to growing timber in accordance with Sum Insured Value*
Storm Loss or damage to growing timber in accordance with Sum Insured Value. Cover is for forests aged 15-55 years.
Reconstitution Replanting costs based on a value of €3,000 per Hectare (from fire damage). You are required by law to replant any forest area if felled, burnt etc.
Fire Fighting Fire extinguishment costs including fire brigade and hire of helicopters where requested by the Fire Brigade officer in charge up to €220,000
Additional Cover at no Extra Cost
Site Clearance Cover for site clearance works up to €60,000
Fences/Walls Cover for damage to walls, gates and fences up to €100,000
Felled Timber Cover for damage to felled timber up to €45,000
Optional Cover
Public Liability (Optional) Cover for accidental injury to members of the public or accidental damage to their property. Public Liability Limit of Indemnity is €2,600,000 any one accident, unlimited any one period of insurance.

*There are three sums insured value’s (value of the forest at different ages over the rotation to compensate for loss of growth) which are lower, average and higher yield. Your local co-op forester can help you assess which yield applies to you.


Zero excess for fire, €1000 excess for storm damage in plantations aged between 15 to 55 years.

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