Health & Safety

Health and Safety

Health and Safety in forest operations is extremely important. Whether you are a timber grower or purchaser, forester, contractor or subcontractor (operator), you have legal duties to fulfil in order to ensure that people’s safety and health is not put at risk during forest operations.
The law requires that during the planning and carrying out of forestry operations, a number of safety and health duties be fulfilled, including:

  • Preparing written risk assessments

  • Selecting suitable equipment for the job

  • Protecting public safety and health

  • Setting out safe working procedures

  • Ensuring operators are competent

  • Supervising and monitoring the work

  • The Code sets out four management roles. These roles are:

  • The Landowner role

  • The Forestry Work Manager (FWM) role

  • The Contractor role

  • The Sub-contractor role

As the Forestry Works Manager, Western Forestry Co-op has the competence to discharge the duties associated with the landowner role and ensure that Health and Safety in Forest Operations is strictly adhered to.

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