Insurance FAQ

Why do I need to insure my forestry?

Timber is a valuable asset and like any valuable asset it is prudent to protect it against loss or damage.  If you received a grant and/or premium payments from the Forest Service you are obliged to reinstate your plantation at your own cost should it be damaged or destroyed. You are also obliged under the 1946 Forestry Act to keep land in forestry.

What do I need to insure?

The loss in timber value of the growth of the crop (This relates to loss incurred due to a delay on the return of your investment from your growing crop resulting from fire or storm damage in the early years and the crop having to be re-established at year 0).  The cost of reinstating your plantation should it be partially or wholly damaged (replanting costs) and the cost of fire brigade call out charges. Unfortunately, substantial call out charges is now imposed by all local authorities.

How do I value my crop?

Western Forestry has over 30 years experience in valuing timber crops, using this experience and taking into account current timber prices we have devised a value per hectare depending on the age of your plantation.  This valuation relates to the value of the growing crop in the current year and does not include land value.

How do I work out reinstatement costs?

Using our expertise in plantation establishment we have formulated a rate per hectare that should cover all reasonable replanting costs.

Do I have to take out all this cover?

We would recommend you cover your timber assets, reinstatement costs and fire brigade charges.  However, you can choose to take out insurance to cover reinstatement costs and fire brigade charges only or Loss in Timber Value and Fire Brigade Charges only.

What about people wandering into my forest do I need Public Liability cover?

Most farm policies have public liability cover that extends to forestry on the farm.  If you do not have a general farm policy or your forestry is not included, we can provide you with public liability cover for your plantation.

Does public liability cover contractors or others working in my forest?

Public liability cover does not extend to those you have engaged to work on your plantation.  If you are employing someone to work on your plantation you should make sure they have their own insurance

How do I get a quote?

Complete the quote form on the website or call Sarah on 071 9161458 who will assist you with your quote.

How do I get cover?

To join our group scheme you simply fill out an application form and return it with a map of your plantation to our office.  If you have any queries there is always someone at the end of the phone to help.

What if my plantation suffers loss or damage?

Simply contact Western Forestry Co-op 071 9161458 and we will advise and guide you through the claims process.