Native Woodland Scheme

The Native Woodland Scheme (NWS) is aimed at protecting, enhancing and expanding Ireland’s native woodland resource and associated biodiversity, through appropriate planting and management to:

Native Woodland Scheme1

  • Support high nature value farming
  • Enhance the quality and diversity of Ireland’s landscapes
  • Improve water and land management and contribute to meeting the Water Framework Directive objectives by improving soil stability adjoining watercourses
  • Protect and expand Ireland’s native woodland resource by improving connectivity between existing native woodlands and between other natural and semi-natural habitats
  • Increase woodland cover to contribute positively towards climate change mitigation
  • Promote the application of close-to-nature forestry and traditional woodland management systems and to encourage wood and non-wood production, where compatible with native woodland biodiversity

The Scheme provides financial support for landowners under two separate elements:

Element 1: Native Woodland Conservation

Provides funding for the conservation, protection and enhancement of existing native woodlands and the conversion, where appropriate, of existing non-native forests to native woodlands.

Element 2: Native Woodland Establishment

Provides funding for the establishment of new native woodlands on greenfield sites.
Native Woodland Establishment is covered by the same full establishment grant as the Afforestation Grant Scheme and the highest Forest Premium rate of €665/ha for less than 10 hectares and  €680/ha above 10 hectares. 

See below:

Grant/Premium Category (GPC) Annual premium <10ha
Annual premium >10ha
Premium duration (years)
GPC 9 – Native Woodland Establishment (Scenarios 1-3) 665 680 15
GPC 10 – Native Woodland Establishment (Scenario 4) 665 680 15

See Native Woodland Scheme Framework (PDF) For more information.

  • Scenario 1: Podzols (Oak-Birch-Holly Woodland)
  • Scenario 2: Brown Podzolics (Oak-Birch-Holly with Hazel Woodland)
  • Scenario 3: Brown Earths (Oak-Ash-Hazel Woodland)
  • Scenario 4: Gleys (Alder-Oak-Ash Woodland)
  • Scenario 5: Highly Modified Peat & Peaty Podzols (Pioneer Birch Woodland)

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