Our Investment Services

Western Forestry Co-op has thirty years of experience in the forestry sector in Ireland including the establishment and management of plantations, road construction and harvesting and the marketing of roundwood.

We have proven expertise in accurately matching the financial requirements of private clients with investments in forestry.  We specialises in providing a comprehensive forestry investment and management service for a range of investors from institutional and corporate and high net worth individual’s investors to family farm owners.

What sets us apart from other service providers
  • We listen to the requirements of each client and identify appropriate forestry investments for their consideration
  • We conduct due diligence, including strategic and financial appraisals

  • Our forestry investment management service is centred on safeguarding the long term value of the investment by delivering site and portfolio specific strategies to maximise returns

  • Source bare land and established forests

  • Forest Valuation
  • Forest Management Plan (standing volume, future management options, forest roading, legal obligations, fire plan, harvest plan, biodiversity plan, health and safety requirements, insurance, maps)
  • We are committed to managing forests sustainably; for the best interests of our client and the environment